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Inclusive Concentrated Equity (ICE)

ICE Fund

The Inclusive Concentrated Equity (ICE) fund is an equity pooled investment fund that was created and will be managed by Shayne McCosh (The PM).

The goal of creating a pooled fund, is to manage client equity investment allocations in a more efficient manner by offering more diversification and pro-active management.

The pooled fund will have a go anywhere mandate to enable the manager to take advantage of opportunities regardless of sector or geographical location. The fund will be the equity sleeve of all client portfolios and will contribute to their overall financial goals.

To accomplish this objective, there will be daily reviews of the portfolio, as well as a quarterly rebalancing review of all positions. Any decisions to make tactical buys and sells, during these reviews, will be based on company and macro market research. The pooled fund will hold core assets but will be flexible enough to increase defensive positions in volatile periods and increase growth position in rising market periods.

Research of economic indicators, company financials, 3rd party reports/analysis and technical analysis will be utilized to make investment decisions.

Benefits to Clients

The primary objective of the Inclusive Concentrated Equity Fund is to provide clients with a pro-active, opportunistic investment strategy. Clients will see numerous benefits by investing in the fund via a combination of reduced fees, broad diversification, and overall risk management of the portfolio. The fund allows the manager to manage client’s investments more efficiently by investing within the pool, rather than managing similar investments in many separate accounts. This allows the advisor more time to focus on client engagement, working on client goals, financial planning, and estate planning.

The fund will be positioned to benefit investor client outcomes through several variables:

  • Lower annual fees for clients
    • The fund will have a lower MER, of approximately 0.5% versus average MER of other equity mutual funds.
  • Responsive trade times
    • The PM will be able to make time sensitive trades to take advantage of opportunities, as well as protect client portfolios.
  • Investment diversification
    • The ICE Fund will be a diversified fund that will hold investments in mutual funds, alternative strategies, ETF’s and individual securities.

In addition to the client benefits, there is substantial operational efficiencies that will be realized by the fund manager.

  • Less administration.
  • More time spent on client engagement.
  • More time spent on market and investment research.


The asset allocation will be tactically managed to improve portfolio returns while managing volatility. Weightings between the different equity investments will be dependent on market conditions and overall macro thesis.

Minimum Maximum Class Examples
0% 40% Cash High Interest - Cash
10% 20% Alternative Strategies OM products
20% 50% Mutual Funds Canadian, US & International
20% 60% Individual Securities & ETF's Canadian, US & International
0% 10% Option Strategies Covered calls & Protective Puts

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